Trainer and online coach

Want to be surprised and get a little crazy, join my classes.

Also I'm a Personal trainer and Boot Camp Coach, try my Clean Eating camps and lose that extra luggage


Trainer and Boot Camp Coach

As a Former military operative I use my experience to motivate you. 

I'm also a part of the coaching team on Jakob's Military BOOT CAMP


Trainer and Outdoor Coach

Positive mindset and we can all do more than we think.... let's go

New Instructor

HIIT Trainer, 

Can you motivate people? send us your CV


HIIT Trainer

I'm from the Cross Fit world.... But have fallen in love with HIIT and HIIT Studio


Trainer, PT and Boot Camp Coach 

As a Former military operative I use my experience to motivate you to do a little extra and then some.

I also offer Personal training and don't miss out on the Military Boot Camps


HIIT Trainer and Physiotherapist

Studying to be a physiotherapist. I love using my knowledge to help people with injuries and help our HIIT members to do the exercises correctly


HIIT Trainer

I'm a Former military operative, love to teach and be creative with my classes


HIIT Trainer

I work as a Sergent in The Royal Life Guards, 5 years of experience teaching fitness classes and I am a former elite gymnastic


HIIT Trainer

A day without training is a day without meaning