PERSONLig træning

Choose Personal training if you who want to achieve certain goals, but you may have difficulty reaching goals alone. Our Personal Trainers will push you to get to that goal. 

Use the contact formular - tell us about your goal and we will set you up for a meeting with a Personal Coach that fits your needs. 

All clients start thier journey at HIIT with a personal 1 -1 meeting with there personal Coach. Here we like to get to know you better to understand what the drive is behind your goal. 

Based on the information from the no sweat interview, we tailor a course that suits you exactly, whether it is weight loss, increased muscle mass or general health.

You will go through a physical screening so that your trainer gets an insight into how you move and whether you have any injuries that we need to be aware off. Based on the no sweat interview and the physical screening, your trainer will create a training program that you can follow in parallel with your personal training.

Diet is almost everything, whether you want to gain or lose weight this will be 80% of your focus together with mindset and rutines, the last 20% is the workouts.
We can help you lay out a personal diet strategy. We do not believe that diet plans are the best solution. In stead, we teach you about diet and its importance and help with a strategy so that you can ultimately stand on your own when you choose to let go of us. You will receive login to a nutrition guide, as well as a recipe site with easy to cook recipes that you can use for everyday meals. All are Nutrition Coaching is based on habits.


We use a Tanita scale that can do a body analysis of you. Among other things, it can measure your muscle mass, water level and fat percentage. This will be a really good indicator to follow your development along the way. When you buy personal training, you can have unlimited measurements made.


When you buy personal training some would like to meet 2-3 times a week, others would like to meet just one a week and then train a program from you Coach on Open Gym another day same week. Together we will find the solution that suits you best.


Personal Training prices

Based on the information from our Intro meeting we make a tailed offer to you. 


  • 1 x start-up call/meeting 30 min. duration

  • X amount of personal training of 55 min. duration

  • Detailed program towards your goal + continuous updating

  • Training program in your personal folder in our app for OPEN GYM sessions, if you like

  • Online Nutrition guidance and habit coaching

  • Unlimited Tanita Body Measurement

  • HIIT Studio T-shirt - "Finisher t-shirt"