Covid-19 intro

We take this virus very seriously in HIIT Studio and have made the following guidelines.

Covid-19 / Corona 

1. Upon arriving to the gym wear a mask

2. Upon arriving please use the hand sanitizers
2. Please keep the recommended 6 feet distance between you and other members

3. The coach will let you know when it is time for your class to start
3. Wipe down any equipment guide (classes and Open Gym)
- please use the hand sanitizers 
- Wipe down all equipment you used during class
-   please use the hand sanitizers again
4. Bring your own mat and a small towel
5. Before leaving the gym please use the hand sanitizers again

Covid-19 / Corona 

1. We have a miximum of 5 person in a class + Coach
2. We clean the hole Studio several times a day

3. Please Look for our cleaning schedule in the Gym

4. We ventilate the air in the room in-between classes.